All The World Of The Beatiful Creatures

Most people get pets for the wrong reason and then………..Oh boy what do we do with it.  Thats where we come in and offer homes for these unwanted parrots. 

Some of the wrong reasons for getting a parrot:

  1. My friends african Grey talks so wonderful…I want one.
  2. Look how loving a parrot is……..I want one.
  3. Such beautiful colours………I want one

These are but a few reasons for getting a parrot…..and then reality hits.

  1. They bite
  2. They are so noisy
  3. There is so much extra work (cleaning, feeding)
  4. They cost so much to look after.
  5. I just dont have the time any more to look after them.
  6. We need to go on holiday, maybe our friends can look after them.

Then the sad life of a parrot (and so many other pets) begin.

  1. From this home to the next
  2. Neglect
  3. Incorrect feeding
  4. Incorrect housing
  5. No more love and attention

So sad for one of the worlds’s beautiful creatures.

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